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6 September 2017

Assalamualaikum and Hi an amazing hooman ✋

     Do you have your favourite YouTuber or video on youtube that you like to watch? I love watching videos on youtube, makeup videos even though I didn't really get into makeup, fashion video even though I'm here look like a potato haha :') I do and kind of vlog what I love the most.

So here are the most, the top, the must, YouTubers videos that I always watch from 😉
And yea, click on their name and check them out!


This is a vlog channel. They update vlog every single day and I watched em without a miss. Oscar and Kyra are the teen parents (but not anymore haha) and Levi (Buggy) and Alaya (mini bug) are the toddlers who are so sooo cute I want to hug them badly, hm 💋. This is the first vlog channel that I followed and I've been their follower since Kyra pregnant of Levi.

2) KKandbabyJ.

I found them KKandbabyJ from OKBABY videos. I don't know how they get closer, they not even a high school friends but I love watching their videos too. There are Khoa and Keren with their kids Jackson and Landon. I love how Keren organized and decorate her house and currently, they are at OKBABY's house because Kyra wants Keren to help her decorate the house. Can't wait to see the result!

3) Meredith Foster.

I love her so much. Beautiful and inspiring. She now rarely uploads the video maybe cause she's busy but I followed her on Instagram where she always updates about her life. Makeup videos, lifestyle, fashion and what I love the most is fitness videos. Meredith was so different before, I meant she now very fit and have muscles and abs than before. Many people said bad things about her but hey, I'm proud of her for what she is now. She also has a vlog channel 😀

4) Jordan Byers.
Jordan Byers

Lastly, Jordan Byers who I followed because I love the way she talks, the way she communicated with the viewers in the videos. The first video I watched from her is about fake up makeup video. I just comfortable (pun boleh) watching her videos and she's so pretty. Muda setahun dari I uolls :') she looks matured btw, haha.

     So that's pretty much cakap cakap (upin ipin's style) about my favourite youtubers. I don't watch fancy makeup videos. Wait, I do watch makeup video but....... Nah I don't know. Dia macam, I'm not a makeup person, so my favourite youtubers pun bukan yang hawt makeup makeup ni haa gittew :') Tapi I tengok jeeeee.

Do you have your favourite youtubers? What kind of video that you love to watch?


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  2. i love meredith foster too! i followed her on snapchat and she used to be so active back then, but not anymore huhu. My fav youtubers are Jennxpenn and Maybaby. Check them out :) tbh i love to watch any kind of video as long as it isn't boring haha

    1. Yeayyy *high five :D It just, theres rumors about her "eating disorder" so I think thats why she senyap je kan. Oh yaa, I watched Maybaby videos too. Her videos are so colourful haha

  3. I watched Meredith Foster's fitness videos before, but not anymore. My fav youtubers are Alisha Marie and Johanis Sani.

    1. I love watching Alisha Marie's vlogs :D


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