10 of My Favourite Things.

29 September 2017

Assalamualaikum and Hi an amazing creature ❤

It is hard to choose the best thing because the life of every person needs plenty of things which are used daily, but here's the top 15 of my favourite.

1. Bantal busuk.
     I am the only one who has favourite pillow which people called "bantal busuk" in my family :') I don't know why....  Kena ada sebelum tidur, but takda laa tak tukar, nampak macam dah takleh go tu Indah tukar. Tak macam sesetengah orang, yang tu lah dari kecik sampai besaq 😆 and masa kat college, Sam is the only one yang tahu macam mana nak check Indah dah tidur ke belum hehe, certain certain orang je tahu how and why.......

2. Earphone.
I just love my earphone. That's it and there's one day at college, Tirah, Shiela and I went to the library while waiting for the next class to begin. They both wearing earphone and left me alone.......... Diorang cakap "Tirah pakai earphone tau" "Shiela pun" since Indah tak terfikir pun nak bawak earphone. Memang ngadap buku jelah, cakap dengan deme bukan deme dengor 😭

3. Kipas minion.

Ni bila takda letrik, memang keperluan. Kat kolej pun sama. Bukan yang battery punya, pakai tangan je tekan tekan haha. Actually I am addicted to minion crazily. I have tons of minion stuff, will make an entry bout it.

4. Sleeping mask.

I got this cute sleeping mask from Mr.Diy one year ago. Biasalah duduk dekat college kan, bilik share. Roomate nak buat gheja, kita nak tidur. Sleeping mask ni lah penyelamat mata selain bantal busuk haha.

5. Laptop.

For study and.... blogging lahh cemana nak blog kalau takda laptop? Phone? Tak best, serius. Dengan laptop je yang baru rasa macam seorang blogger haha. Who's with me? Put your hands up 👐

6. Waterbottle.

One in my bagpack, one on my table, one on my bed. I need water as much as I need bantal busuk.

7. Al-Quran.

This is my everything ❤

8. Lip colour/ lip balm/ lip moisturiser.

Kalau korang takda benda ni, bibir kering korang buat apa? Ke Indah punya bibir sorang je yang asik kering dan rasa nak tarik-tarik, you know what I meant 😛

9. Journal.

Journal is helping me so much and keep me organized. Like seriously, you should have one. Writing on journal make my life in college more easier, class schedule, to-do list, assignment and all those stuff, put them on journal and you'll be survive. Okay?

10. Stokin.

For Muslimah, our feet also need to cover, so that's mean we have to wear a sock. Because of that, I love collecting socks 😏 They are cute and colourful.

So what is your most favourite things and why you need them? Give me 3, more is better 😉


  1. kita punya list lebih kurang sama lah hihi. singgah sini jadi pembaca baru blog ni :D

  2. Have to agree on no. 5. memang tak boleh guna gadget lain selain laptop utk buat keje. orang kata tablet boleh ganti laptop, but not for me. kena ada keyboard, ada mouse, baru syok buat keje.


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