11 April 2017

Assalamualaikum everyone! How are you? I hope you're in the pink because I feel a bit under the weather. I'm just recovered from fever and I think I'm going down with a cold. I've got a sore throat and a little of flu so, take care of your health buddies.

     When it comes to makeup, surely I'm not a person who you should ask or anything related to makeup haha :') I just have the basic and I'm not a makeup person yet, but slowly I will learn about it and let's start with lippies.

     When I'm going out with friends or family basically I will only wear a lip balm. I don't even have compact powder, lipstick apa ke lagi haha. Ni sebab ayong laa start bagi hadiah birthday peripera lip tint tahun lepas and I'm getting addicted nak warna warna bibir ni bagi tak nampak pucat :')

So this year probably the year I started wearing makeup :')

     Currently, I'm really obsessed to try out a new colour and also my money cannot be saved anymoh :') RIP money. I'm more into a gradient lip looks rather than fully lip coloured because, nanti comot. haha

 So here are five lip products I'm current using it.

1. SilkyGirl Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm. (Wine and Latte)

     This lipcolor balm came in 6 shades and I ended up with shade 06wine and 01latte. It doesn't dry the lip and moisturizes lightly.

2. Mentholathum Maxilip Caviar Anti-Aging Lip Balm.

     I love this lipbalm so much. It is colourless, tasteless and scent-free. Non sticky.

3. Peripera peri's Ink.

     Only used this when I want to make a gradient lip.

4. SilkyGirl Matte Junkie Lipcream.

     Code 01retro and the colour is sooooo lawaaaaaaa love it <3

     So this is current lip products in my makeup bag yang tak macam makeup bag hahaha . So how about yours ? Do you have one of this lippies in your makeup bag? :D



  1. I do have makeup bag of course full with makeup so head on to my blog for coming soon makeup entry

    1. Ofcourse! Im your silent reader okay!

  2. I do this as well. I love it so much when my lips look pinkish or radiant like I'm so healthy. Hahah

  3. For everyday wear, I always use Matte Fever by Silkygirl. U should try it too. The finishing is nice. I usually buy code : Classy. Its perfect nude for everyday wear! Trust me, you'll look perfect. And oh, I own that mentholatum lipbalm too. I wear it every night before I go to sleep. It keeps my lips hydrated for the following day :D

    1. I will try it! ;) yazzz it is so good at moisture your lips isn't? :D


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