The Best Budget Micellar Water.

20 April 2017

Assalamualaikum beautiful!

What is micellar water and why I need it?

Micellar waters are water that undergoes a process called micellization which in fancy terms means a process of aggregation blablablabla. Okay I don't understand so I'm so sure that you guys also will not understand the meaning and yang senang nye, this micellar water we use to remove makeup on our face.

And it's great for all skin types, including sensitive and oily, okay? haha mianhae guys.

     Once upon a time, I felt that I want to start wearing mascara. Watching YouTuber do a makeup tutorial, their eyes perghhh lawaaa weh. And also as you know, I'm really not a makeup person and one day, I bought a mascara and wear it. But I bising bising cause even using a cleanser, it still not removed cause I don't have that makeup remover and I was like ottokeeee :(

     Finally, I used the cotton bud and baby oil to remove it. At that time, my sister is not at home so I can't use hers and a few weeks after (after I save some money), I bought one hehe.

     Yes, it's GARNIER Micellar Cleansing Water and it's pink (which is ayong favourite). Why they didn't make it purple :(

How is it applied or used?

    Guys, please. I knew you all know how to use this isn't? hahaha :p It just me yang slow baru nak up. So syabas anak muda!

    I always have rednesses after I cleansing my face or during makeup process *what a sad life*. I don't know how sensitives my skin are but surely my skin is a sensitive type :') Because of that, I'm so struggling to find out, make an experiment what products suitable for my skin. Fyi, while I'm typing this, there's one spot of itchy redness suddenly appear above my eyebrow :')

My skin so sensitive with dust and unclean hands, pillow and etc.

      So far when I used this Micellar water, it's not irritating during removing. But after I wipe all over my face, I still have to wash my face because of it uncomfortable. Not too bad or too good. Also, an affordable cleansing water (RM14.++) to remove basic makeup, but again I had to put more effort removing mascara. But overall it's all okay. haha

Rating : 4/5

     Do you also a user of this Cleansing Water? How this product works on you? Or what makeup remover product do you use?



  1. I use micellar water as well but the Nivea's one since they got a sale when I was buying it. It work so good isn't it! I also feel a bit uncomfortable so I will use cleanser afterwards but it cleans thoroughly so sometime I didn't use any cleanser afterwards. I realized Garnier was quite cheap so maybe I'll try this one when mine finish!

    1. I use Nivea's product once, but it doesn't suit me well. Lepas tu tak try dah, tapi packaging dia lawaaa :p hehew, yes you should try this micellar water! :D

  2. The price is affordable! Recommended sangat. :)

    1. Kannnn, thankyou for the review! :D

  3. Kenapa ada mangga dekat situ untuk apa? haha props eh. (okay komen takda kaitan dengan entry)

    1. Ye macam tu lah lebih kurang sebab nya haha xD

  4. Sebelum ni i pun - macam other commenters - guna Nivea punya cleanser tu.. But then, ever since my sis and mum start recommending me this micellar cleanser from garnier, and it actually works waaaayyyy better from the nivea one (maybe coz kulit tak sesuai kot haha) i guna this micellar je sekarang. Serius tak cari cleanser lain dah! I srsly recommend people -especially malaysians to use this product tho.

    1. Everyone have their own skin type kan, maybe nivea doesn't work for you and also for me haha sobs, I pun jenis yg susah nak cari skincare yg sesuai kulit sensitive and this works well on my face boom boom haha thankyouu for the response ;)


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