The External Struggle.

21 March 2017

Assalamualaikum and Hello people.

    So here I am typing an entry after a long time being away from the laptop, haha. I'm too busy with college schedule and feel real sick when they bold the word "PART 1 DIWAJIBKAN, KETIDAKHADIRAN AKAN DIKENAKAN TATATERTIB" in UiTM. Seriously -_-

    But there you go, menyampah menyampah pun pun, I did it! Next week is where my final exam is begun which you know Kedahan will start their week not on Monday but on Sunday :') Ready kah diriku ini ? *_* So I think I need to find college care for final exam haha :p

1. Food - There a lot of nights and early mornings leading up to and running into finals week. Make sure you eat and don't be sick. Seriously. If I'm too lazy to eat and busy studying *konon* I will switch on my water heater and make a nestum 3 in 1 yummyyyyy also make sure it is healthy snacks.

2. Fun And Relaxing Desk Items - Throw away all book from my desk! haha no, I'm  just kidding, I need it or I also can change it to fun notes I guess *wink* anddddd, wipe dust on my desk and put a little minion sticker, arrange the stationary and wallaaaa , it will be a comfortable zone when I'm on my final exam ;)

3. A Personal Note - A quote , for my spirit to fighting on exam such as " It will all be worth it in the end" and if sometimes I feel lazy, I will remember my mom and my family, remember what they have done to you and what you should do to repay your parents alright :)

4. Get Enough Sleep - What will happen when you burning the midnight oil and feel so sleepy when answering the paper on the final exam? I cannot because I will lose my focus and in the end, I will end up sleeping and not answering my question sheet. It's happened when I'm in form5 :') struggle sangat lol.

5. Read - Okay this might be difficult, but when it comes to a subject which full of theory, you don't have a choice other than reading and write and read and write. Trust me it will be worth and really effective because I take Diploma in Banking and there's MGT 162 in there :') Besides, you can study with your friends, dia tanya kamu, kamu tanya dia, yang tak ingat boleh jadi ingat :D

     There a little college care that I want to share with you, that me myself and I really do it haha. There is a lot of tips and what you should do when your final exam, google-ing some more and find out which one will suitable in your way ;)


  1. For #2 and #3 - I actually make a day project to transform my study table, I even update it on my blog. It felt so good to seat here - at each freaking time. Since I'm in love with Supernatural, I made some simple black and white aesthetic edit and paste it on as well.

    I'm an avid believer of good sleep. Say whatever but *insert finger snapping in z formation* imma get my sleep and nothing can stop me. Which explain why I never do "burning the midnight oil".

    1. Aesthetic is calming. Thankyou for sharing! :D But im such a susah nak tidur person haha so sleep early is my external struggle sobs.


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