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28 August 2018

Assalamualaikum and hi <3

       Skincare thang is such an important for me because I have a very sensitive skin. Super sensitive I told ya and I'm not happy about it, will not, never -_- 

     Cause every time I want to try a new product, well yes we have to try lah kan, to see whether it works or not but when “not” situation happened to me......... It can cause a redness, small bumps on the chin, cheeks and forehead area. Ugh pity me, you should thankful for what you have now dear. This makes me take a good care of my skin seriously.

     Im not a makeup person since my skin is not that clear tho to wear makeup. People said that you wear makeup to gain more confidence for your look but for me if you don't have a clear skin, the looks with makeup on your face will not be smooth.

    I heard that feeding your skin with the mask also a must in a skincare routine. Well if it suitable, it works lah kannnn. As a resident skincare junkie here, I felt inclined to introduce you to my absolute favourite clay masks. If you’re looking for a mask, I can pretty much recommend you from my very well curated list of recommendations.

There is no sheet mask cause I can't find my favourite one yetz and in the budget.

1) Nano White Fresh Deep Cleansing Charcoal Mask.

I bought this mask because kena paksa dengan seller kat watson, I want to choose few sheet mask in that time but she shows up and encourages me to buy this mask. Okay tak ada lah kena paksa sangat tapi macam okay lah give it a try sebab tak mahal sangat pun RM19++ and it turns out to be my fav. Charcoal mask work by pulling all the toxins and rubbish out of your skin detoxifying it. Charcoal mask and cleanser are great for people with oily skin (like me) as it also helps to pull all the excess oil out.  It is really easy to apply and smooth to my skin. Smells sooo good too. Good value of moneyyhhhh.

2) Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask.

This one smells not so good, haha. This mask cost RM58++. It calmed a couple of blemishes of mine when it appears. Less effect on my pores, yelah sebab pores mana boleh hilang, boleh kecilkan sahaja. At first, the mask is easy to apply on my face, but lama lama dia macam keras sikit dalam bekas tu. Kena tutup rapat rapat and jaga elok-elok kut. Tahan lama and tak habis habis lagi dah 6 bulan, ke Indah yangg pakai sikit-sikit :p worth buying but a bit pricey. I bought at Hermo.

3) The Face Shop, Jeju Volcanic Lava.

     To me peel of mask is so satisfying, I just love seeing if I can pull it all off in one go and then... I cried haha. When u get peeling it off, it is quite tough. So maybe not for u if u don't like that kind of thing. But it really clears and unclogs your pores. I have made a full review of this mask, you can read it HERE . The price is RM30 something at The Face Shop

Those are my favourites masks so far.

what is your favourite face mask?


  1. Finally i musst try a "jeju cosmeticks collection".

  2. fav mask eh macam takda ja hahaha tapi nak try yang nano white tu la!


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