Must-Dos Before the New College Semester

1 March 2018

Assalamualaikum and Hi humans.

     March is here guys! 😎 That's meant in a few days, UiTM students will be waving goodbye as they go back to college *sobs. Today I am sharing ways that you can feel more prepared going into your new semester. I hope if I complete some of this things, I feel a lot more relaxed and ready.

In past 2 semesters I was not organised, last-minute assignments, find myself lagha on the bed, so I decided to search and think some tips and hacks to change my lifestyle in college 😭

Planner/Journal (If you don't have planner, get one)

     I probably get most excited about this. Planners make life so much simpler. It may seem like a chore to fill them out and write all your assignments, but it's worth it and keeps you organised. It only takes a few seconds to write out your upcoming due dates for class, and you'll thank yourself when all of your friends are freaking out about paper/notes they forgot to write heheh

This is the planner that will bring to college, given by my sister.

Pack and start early/Make a list for packing

    If you start to pack early, maybe a week before you leave you won't be panicking and left things at home. Here I share the list what I pack for college.

Get into good sleep habit

     Have you guys been staying up to 2am this semester break? I have, sometimes until fajr and then I go to sleep ngehngeh. Because of that, you and I need slowly going to bed earlier and waking up earlier before classes start. Depends when you want to start, earlier is better.

Past Semester's final paper

     Sometimes the lecturer wants their student to prepare and bring the final question in their classes like mine. Past semesters questions also help you to understand and familiar with the questions in final. It is just very helpful........ Print it out. For UiTM student, you can easily find the final in EQPS.

Communicate with your roommate

     Make sure you talk about what each of you is going to bring so you don't need end up with two iron board or anything. Just make your room free from so many things. If you can share, just share. Sharing is caring hehe.

Find a resources

     Many classes have a corresponding textbook to take you through the course. In some cases, you rarely use these textbooks. In others, the lecturer may rely upon them heavily. So, belilah daripada senior okay. haha

Do you have tips or hacks to share with me? Comment down below ❤


  1. Selamat packing Indah! Tetiba rindu pulak zaman belajar dedulu. Lama dah berlalu.

    1. Dah selamat packing dan selamat unpacking dah, hehe thankyou! berapa lama tu dah berlalu, study kat mana dulu dulu ?


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