Movie I watched This Month : February 2018

26 February 2018

Hi guys, Assalamualaikum.

This month is the month of semester break, so I deserve a break from book and watching movies ngeeeee. Here's the list and reviews ✌

1. What happened to Monday.

💣 This movie isn't really my type. I love watching all genre, no doubt. Even Human centipede pun Indah tengok and it's kind of euww 😂 I'm more to fantasy, princess disney, adventure, cartoon comel comel genre.

💣 Back to the movie, when I'm searching a movie to watch and saw this I was like "eh, why Monday? I need to watch this movie".

💣 Cerita ni tragis gila, haha but I like it. It's about girls named Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Kenapa nama diorang macam tu? You need to watch the movie hehe and you will kept on want to know what happened and why????????

2.  Valerian and City of a thousand Planets

💣 I watch this movie cause this is my genre yow haha. Tajuk pun dah best, tambah lagi ada Cara Delevingne 👯

💣 Interesting and you should watch it, banyak view cantik cantik walaupun Indah tahu edit je tapi cantikssss :'')

3. Paddington 2

💣 I want Paddington, cute subhanallah (I know he's not even exist) and soooooooo nice and caring.

💣 You should watch Paddington 1 first.

💣 There's some comedy scene and positive messages about friendship and family.

4. The Age of Adaline

💣 Mula-mula tengok cerita ni masa gap final exam dengan Sam (roomate) tapi bosan yakmat rasanya haha. Balik rumah tengok dengan mama pula, baru macam best sikit.

💣 This movie is about a woman who is Adaline Bowman that remained a youthful 29 yrs of age for nearly 8 decades.

💣 What happened to her in the end? Did she get back to her normal life?

5. Last Shift 

💣 A rookie cop's first solo shift in a closing station turns into a living nightmare.

💣 Suspend je tau cerita ni, ending dia Indah takboleh terima :')

6. Pitch Perfect 3

💣 I love this series. Tak sempat tengok kat cinema sebab tengah final exam huhu

💣 Tapi performance last diorang tak best sangat, memandangkan yang ni yg last kan :(

7. Chips.

💣 Biasa-biasa je lawak dia.

💣 Not really suitable for me haha

💣 Not really recommended tapi nak tengok boleh je takda masalah :p

8. Thor Ragnarok.

💣 Not bad, lawak pun lawak. Comel pun comel haha :p ayah dengan mama pun suka tengok, tapi diorang tengok kat wayang kemain yeee

Movie apa yang korang nak recommend kat Indah ?


  1. I would recommend The Loved Ones! But if you hate thrilling movie, I recommend you not

    1. Tapi kalau best tengok je hehe thankyou! :D nanti kita tengok

  2. last ship tu macam seram

  3. KekZa dah lama gila tak tengok wayang. Movie kat rumah pon tak berapa tengok sangat. Hari2 duk ulang tengok moana & toy story je dengan anakanda. So nak suggest cerita apa pon tau. Serius serupa duduk dalam gua je rasa. Kahkah!


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