Movie Worth Watching : Hijabsta Ballet.

12 August 2017

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone.

Hijabista Ballet Filem Melayu

     Last Wednesday, I went out for a movie with Farah and we watched "Hijabsta Ballet". I asked her to make a review about this movie for my blog and she did! I love the way she wrote, so this is the review.........

     For someone who loved watching movies, I always wished how local movies can reach out to the people the same way how International movies have done to me. Movies that inspired us moved us, that's the kind of movie I want to watch. Unfortunately, there's not a lot happening in Malaysia. The film industry focused more on romantic, superstition and thriller movies over these years.

      I hoped they'll expand the genre here in Malaysia because there are other genres that should be out there too. Sometimes, I feel that movies does not necessary have to waste our time. Maybe if the film industry can make it into something educational or inspiring, I believe it will be much more beneficial at the same time reach out to not just children but also until senior citizens as well. 

     A movie should be entertaining and at the same time be something that a family, a couple, and children can watch. I would say there are some movies I find it to be a quality one although it's not famous. Some of it is Ola Bola and Kill. There are some on Yasmin Ahmad's movie such as Talentime too. I think this kind of movies should be given credits and should be reaching out to locals. 

Recently, another movie has caught my attention. It's Hijabsta Ballet. I watched it at Gsc Ipoh Parade. Although the title is a little bit off for some because most will judge or questioned "How does someone who wore hijab join this field". However, I would really suggest you to watch it.  It is not just inspiring but full with moral values too. I am amazed that the movie is using the real Malay language (bm yang baku) which fascinates me since it's been a while since I heard it. HAHA don't worry, they also have English and Chinese translations as well since we live in a multicultural country filled with multi-ethnic people.

     What interests me most is that this girl is so driven to make sure she succeeds even when it's impossible. Even with obstacles around her, her stand to put on a hijab because of her faith remains no matter how people said it was ridiculous. It does not only portray strength but also courage towards the actor as the story goes along.

     That is something to motivate children that you don't just give up with your passion when life becomes hard. You try and try until the very end. Then if it does not happen the way you hope for, at least you won't look back and regret because you know that you've tried. 

     What I really appreciate most about the movie is that it explained to us why it happened the way it did at the end it. They don't just explain but they make us understand those reasons. That is something we don't see a lot of local movies. Honestly, I would really encourage you to watch it. It's a movie that can be put into discussion, a movie that can be used as a reference in school, a  movie that should be talked about.

     Unfortunately, the ratings are not good since most people do not know about this and they also refuse to watch Malay movies due to the stereotypes on how the ending is predictable. I think this movie has a chance of standing up because they deserve it. I hope you can also give this movie a chance by watching it.

      For a local movie, I did not expect it to be this good. It gives me the same feeling as I was watching Ola bola. That's how good I think this movie is and it should be recognized. If and only if you watched it too ;)

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So give yourself a chance and try. You may not regret it.


  1. singgah sini sis ..

  2. Seriously ada tajuk filem gini? Hmm ballet n hijabsta. Tertanya2

    1. Yazz adaaa. Quite interesting cause we want to know what happened in the end kan :)

    2. I just want to ask u something. Apa maksud ending cerita ni? Dimana adele kembali tidak berhijab. Dan ibunya berhijab. Saya agak keliru dn mencari seseorng yg blh menjelaskannya

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Adele berhijab...ending dia x berhijab sebab dia perform on the stage where all the audience is apa yg saya fahamlah...sebab before she went to Belgium, she had her performance where all the audience is female... So, I concluded that, the solution she came out to not lose both her faith and passion is to be the first ballet dancer that perform only in front of the female audience. Quite different from what stephanie kurlow did.

    5. I like the solution of performing before the female audience a lot better that what Stephanie Kurlow claims to try to do. Performing in front of the female audience yet doing ballet properly, in role- and choreography- appropriate costumes is a good and interesting solution, and would help dancers in some countries e.g. Iran. Stephanie Kurlow, on the other hand, wants the art form itself and its essential requirements - showing body lines and acting roles - to change to suit her.


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