My Not So Funny Hijab Story But I think It Is :')

25 July 2017

Assalamualaikum and Hi people.

    While I'm blog walking from one to another, I saw many of them have an entry about their hijab story which is I found quite interesting, inspiring, encourage and motivate people who are reading :) and yazzz girl I love reading them <3 so I thought I want to share my hijab experience. When and why I started wearing hijab.

     I started wearing the hijab in standard 1 but, only when I go to school. Bila balik, haaaa free hair komer xD Main basikal tak sedar diri. cause when I was in primary school, I love to play a lot with my neighbourhood friends. Badminton, penggal kasut, ting ting, lompat jauh made by my self, haha special hoccayyy and what else. I miss my childhood.

     Until one day, when I was 10 y/o, I was riding my bicycle to my friend house want to play, then I bumped into my guy friends and one of them shout at me like "Hey, why you do not wear hijab?! I'll tell Ustaz tomorrow in the class!" and I was like riding my bicycle very fast going back home and wore tudung sarung (hijab). My mom asked me why I wanted to wear hijab and I said "My friend wants to tell Ustaz tomorrow that I'm not wearing hijab with my afraid + nervous + annoyed face :') and yeah, my mom laugh at me.

That is it the story how I started wearing the Hijab, and Alhamdulillah I still wearing hijab and will never take it off :')

I’ve heard different opinions on the hijab but most of the people I know do not care about it, they won’t judge you for it.

     But for all the Muslim girls out there thinking that the hijab is a choice I’m going to tell you that it’s not. The hijab is a part of the Muslim woman just like the prayers. We must wear it. We have to. Cause Allah SWT said himself, it is your choice not to believe.
That doesn’t mean that wearing the hijab makes you a good person, no! I’ve been told and I saw some videos where pickpocket in Malaysia are wearing the niqab. Sad.
I was never been forced to wear the hijab. But wear the sock, yes. My mom forced me to do that, but for my own good. It was hard at the beginning but now I feel naked without it and I will tell you why.

     My hijab is covering me. I don’t feel like a target when I’m wearing it. Pergi pasar malam ka shopping ka, I feel safe. I feel special in this world where everybody wants a decent wife but also want to fool around with the girl wearing the shortest skirt. In a world where girls are looking in magazines to know if the next trend is short skirts or sleeveless dresses… I feel special cause I don’t have to. I can wear all these but for me and for the persons who deserve to see my body, not for everybody. 

I’m decent, not oppressed. I feel bad for my Muslim friends out there which been attacked cause wearing hijab :')

(Yazzzz redness cause I have a very sensitive skin)

To all the person thinking that we Muslim women oppressed cause we are wearing the hijab.........

Here are some words for ya :)

"Are you sure you’re not the one oppressed ?"

"Wearing the heaviest makeup so the boy next door can notice you? "

"Trying to be the super skinny person on earth just to be wearing that dress Kate Moss wore last night? 
"Are you sure you’re not the one oppressed ?"

I don’t want to be the reason why you start a fight with your husband because he realised that my hair is better than yours and that my hips are really wide and yours are not… so he’s been staring at me for a good 2 minutes.

So I’m protecting you too. 

Thank me later.

     I’d rather be oppressed by my religion, by something I believe in than by a society that doesn’t care about me unless I’m what they want me to be.
     My hijab makes me feel powerful because, in a world where a woman body is a marketing product, I’m the one who decides how much of my body I want you to see.
     I’m not scared to wear the hijab because I know that I’ve more than a beautiful body to offer. I have a beautiful soul that I consider way more important.
Have a nice day <3


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