Biore UV Aqua Watery Essence, SPF 50++ and PA++.

9 June 2017

Assalamualaikum and Hi you all.

Today's post is about a suncare product that I have been using for a while. Apparently, it is a highly rated as one of the better sunscreens out in the market, and I can understand why. This review is on the Biore UV Aqua Watery Essence, SPF 50++ and PA++.

Firstly, what is SPF and what do the numbers mean?

     SPF stands for "sun protection factor" and is a benchmark of a sunscreen derived from taking the times it takes for your skin to burn with a sunscreen and dividing it by the time was taken for you to burn without a sunscreen. For example, if you burn in 500 minutes with a sunscreen as opposed to 10 minutes without one, then your sunscreen will be an SPF 50 (500/10=50).

     So, the higher the SPF, the better the protection against the UVA and UVB rays - which causes ageing of the skin and cancer. But this remains debatable. So what's do you think?

Right, the lesson's over. Let's move to the product.

Name : Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence.

Price : RM36.99(Rose) RM35.66 (Citrus)

You can get this from : Watson | Guardian | Sasa | AEON Wellness.

     This is so far one of my favourite gel based SPF sunscreens! this is actually promoted to "apply like water" and can be used on both your body and face. The texture that is watery and easy to absorb into skin without leaving behind a heavy, sticky feel. There's no chalky finish with this product and it leaves skin feeling hydrated, I also used this as my makeup base sometimes :)

Since it is watery, it's also non-waterproof and you'll need to reapply this after vigorous sweating or swimming. This brand also comes in a limited rose fragrance formula ( the original has a subtle citrus scent).

My rating : 3.99/5

     Will I repurchase? Probably until I found something better and gain some money hewhew. What product tat you currently using as a sunscreen ? Share in the comment down below!  :D


  1. I can see why this is a good sunscreen and preferable to a lot of people, but after trying the limited edition Rose scented one, I feel like the Innisfree & Bioessence sunscreen perform a lot better on my face as well as under makeup :). Have you tried any sunscreens from any of these brands?

    ieyra h. | beauty blog

    1. I never used Innisfree & Bioessence brand before. Will give a try after this! :D


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