TIPS HOW TO GET PERFECTLY CLEAR SKIN . ( for women and men )

21 August 2016

    Assalamualaikum and hey ladies and gentlemen *wink*. Since I'm 18 this year, and I want to start to take care of my skin :') As you know, I really don't care about skincare, beauty and what else when I was in high school. My skin so far is okay till I was 15. Really sensitive and so many ruam gatal gatal and I don't know why -_-    Mungkin sebab  Indah banyak berjemur main netball tanpa sapu sapu SPF heyyy I don't care about that kind of things -_- got burn easily and yah masa darjah 6 pun berjemur jugak tapi tak lah terus sensitive skin. Maybe hormon remaja ? :p

     So, I had searched on how to keep our skin healthy, clear for acne dan sewaktu dengannya for myself and I want to share with you guys how I take care of my skin. When it's work for me, doesn't mean it works for you. Everybody is different. But there's nothing wrong to make an experiment to look what's does work and what doesn't work for your skin :)

1. Stop using moisturiser. If your face full of acne and oily, please stop using moisturiser. People are wrong when they said like "oh you have acne you should put on moisturiser cause.........." oh girl -_- I have combination skin, sensitive and oily. When I put on moisturiser on my face, it's will more oily and breakout even worse *cried corner bed*. Do not apply moisturiser (if you want to, go ahead). Using benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and clay mask. Dry your skin out. When your skin getting better, you may consider having moist on your face, a light or gel moist.

2. Changing your pillow case at night. You can use silk pillowcase cause it's very gentle on your skin, doesn't irritate your skin at night. But still, wash your pillow case at least once a week. Oil from your hair products sticks on your pillowcase while you're sleeping. Silk pillowcase doesn't hold on much oil and bacteria as cotton pillowcase does.

3. Stop touching your face. When I said touch I meant touching like any physical contact between your hands and your face. Your hands have bacteria that when you're touching your face, the bacteria move on your face and cause acne so, everyday talk to yourself "I'm not going to touch my face" many time because I always touch my nose -________________-

4. Start drinking green tea! Throw away your Starbucks girls if you want a healthy skin :p It should be pure green tea not in a can mixed with sugar :') Dairy and honey, don't put any of that stuff in. Drink it complete green tea ! I love green tea, I love the taste. I have green tea every single morning. It is so good for your body. You can check out in this entry, I talked about benefits of green tea :)

5. Gets in the sunshine. Many people said " when you're out the sun, make sure you wear hat/SPF. Of course, it's super duper important but, I'm said like 10 minutes period will not make you burn . Besides, the sun in the morning between 8 to 10 a.m. is so good for you because of it high of vitamin D and it makes your blood circulation much more intense and heals your skin :)

6. Eating citrus fruit. Pineapple, orange, lemon and lime. Your skin uses antioxidant and vitamin C to kill any bacteria developing under the skin then to flush out your system. By having that flash out from your body will prevent toxin coming through your body or from you face, your back and chest :)

7. Suck out oil from your skin. You can use egg white, paint on your face, let it dry and rinse it off with warm water. Egg white does work to suck out oils not only the top layer of your skin but, it goes deep and pulls out all oil. Doing this weekly can help to control your oil level depending what skin type you are.

8. Face yoga. Facial movement helps to reduce eyes puffiness . Do it every single day morning or night for 5-10 minutes.

9. Exercise is important to staying healthy and keeping your skin clear. Suggested exercising for about 15 minutes a day to keep toxins in your body at bay and maintain clear skin. Like me, I do 60 minutes of cycling every day, tapi kalau ada satu hari malas tu skip jugeeee -_- haha

10. When you workout, be sure to wash your face before and after you exercise. Leaving makeup on your face while exercise means that it will mix your sweat and clog pores, so be sure to start and end with clear skin.

     Again, my dear, there's nothing wrong to make an experiment to look what does work and what doesn't work for your skin :) Thank you for reading.



  1. good tips! but some people aren't blessed with clear skin, though. buatlah macam macam still jugak tak ok T.T

    1. Macam tu lah muka Indah T_T But I have to do something sampai jumpa yang sesuai *crying*

  2. I love to drink green tea in the morning with the lemon. hehe.

    1. I like pure green tea. hehe sebab klau add lemon ke madu ke rasa mcm lain mcm xD

  3. i love green tea the most lately..

  4. Thank you for this info sis. :D Done follow you..

  5. my forehead is full of tiny bumps..


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