7 October 2016

favourite overnight beauty tips

Assalamualaikum and Goodmorning :) I hope that you'll have a wonderful day today *wink*

     I've been busy lately. Not enough time to update an entry but hey, I'm come back with my overnight beauty tips and I want to share with you all. So here the 5 beauty tips that you need to know. Basically, these are the things that I love to do before going to bed.

Beauty nights tips put on socks

     The first thing I do is to take care of my feet. I take my Rosken sensitive skin cream and apply a thin layer all over my toes, the cuticles and all over my leg. Not only your face but your feets are also the important part of your body. Then, put on a pair of comfortable socks and your feet are ready to a night of rejuvenation. This is the great tip to get soft feet in the morning :)

argan oil beauty tips

     The really important beauty tips I do every single day is to apply cuticle oil to my nails because my nails get easily dry and when I apply before going to bed, tomorrow morning they feel great :D But I don't have really specific oil for nail so I used Argan Oil :)

minion bottle water for beauty

     Drink boiled water is healthier than drink non-boiled water. I will always drink water every hour and also before to sleep but, don't drink too much. Drink water can keep you hydrated and promotes sleep also you will feel rejuvenated in the morning. If you do this regularly, you will start sleeping soundly as well. After that, I will apply lip balm and yeah, get ready to wake up with beautiful smile :)

sleeping mask purple beauty

     Wear an eye mask to bed can help you fall asleep fast and block out all the light so before go to be I will wear an eye mask (tapi kadang kadang tidur je terus dah ngantuk bebeno) Try it, it will feel comfortable and great :)

     Now let's get to bed ready. A few weeks ago, I started a new routine which is every night, I will always spray my bed and pillows a few times with my favourite peppermint spray. It's smell so nice and helps me to relax before bedtime.

     So what is your beauty tips before going to bed ? Share in the comment below :D



  1. I love to apply lip balm before get into sleep ❤

    1. It will help to keep your lip feel moist and soft :D

  2. Wahh, so cute the bottle haaaa !

    Ohh, nona x leh guna kat mata tuh, rasa rimas satgi.......

    Haa, about drink water, yes..amat memerlukannya~

    Unik jugak letak kat kuku tuhhh, x perrnah try...hehe~

    Anyway, nona join u n ur frenz GA tauuu~


    1. Haha, Indah pun letak masa nak tidur jee sebab agak membantu jugak laa. Tapi bangun bangun je tah kemana dah benda nya haha xD

  3. great tips before going to bed !

  4. Good tips. Akak xde apa tips utk cantik sebelum tidur..hahaha

    1. Tips ni pun dibuat bila rajin, kalau penat takda makna dah ini semua xD


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