16 March 2016


        I'm glad that I knowing you for 5 years CikBell, and CikFar 2 years.

        Good luck to you as you guys move toward the next chapter life brings your way.  I am overjoyed to know that your life is filled with such good luck and may it always be that way <3 Have a safe journey. I wish the best for your future babygirls. You worked hard in school all year long, and now you will use this knowledge! Everything your learned will be needed nanti tau ! Remember everyone wishes you goodluck, the teachers, friends and ofcourse me ! <3

        What ever you do, do not leave the studying for the last day, try to learn a little bit at a time, because you will be doomed, if you leave it to the night before..... but c'mon, I know you, you will leave it to the night before , you won't sleep, you will study, and you know what ? I believe in you!

         Be careful as you begin to accomplish the goals you have set out to achieve. No one can ever totally plan for all the surprises in this life, but I would wager that you are one of the most well-prepared, flexible, resilient people I know. I am confident you will continue to do awesome things.

        Wishing you guys to fly in the plane of Ambition and Inspiration.... And land in the prossperous airport of success. You'll always be in my thoughts and prayers, wherever you're, whatever you do, may the wind beneath you winds soar you high, daadaaaa CikBell and CikFar <3

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