Glow up Diaries #1 | Find a way to better me

17 January 2020

Assalamualaikum and Hi earthlings.

There's a girl, she thinks that beautifully makeup can make her beautiful, tons of filter can make her flawless, being happy in the social media will make her happy in reality too.

But...... None of that works. 
She cant fit that pretty dress and clothing she used to wear and she feels insecure.

"Yes, I'm jealous"


"Because she's beautiful and I am"

Yet, every night she heads to the kitchen for snacks..... that make her feel......... better? happy?
But..... is she really happy?

Life knocked you down, and you felt the pain that most couldn't handle. 
But the pain never lasts. 

Now you have 2 choices.

Stay down? 


Get up?

I choose to get up and find joy in the journey to find the best of me. I want to feel better, love my body, be more flexible, more positive and have more confidence to express my self without feeling bad or worried about what people think about me .

Will it be easy? 

Nope. It takes work, time and effort.

Will it be worth it?


So, I determined to find a way to better me, healing my self inside and out, physically and mentally.



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