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31 January 2018

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone.

I found this one blog that currently running an interesting giveaway that wanted you to share your Azam Baru 2018. The requirements are very simple and the rewards make my eyes sparkle. Korang yang busy tu pun boleh join hoccayyy. So what you guys waiting for? Klik banner kat bawah ni untuk join.

I already publish an entry what I aim for this year in this post if you want to read 😄

     So here I want to summarize that for this 2018, I want to make changes. It is something like "It still the old me but with some improvements" haaaa gittew ;)

So what I want to change?  Here's the list.

💟 Take studies more seriously. Takda lagha lagha dah, dah dua sem baru sedor ni hm.
💟 Become a better person an more organized. I love planner. Planner is such a helperrrr.
💟 Get closer to Allah SWT (well this is my daily,monthly,yearly goals, amin)
💟 Loss some weight and be healthier. You can't tell how pau my cheeks are look.
💟 Be an ace for all of my test in every semester. Taknak study last minute, nak well-prepared.
💟 Get more clear and beautiful skin (every girls dream)
💟 Put more in saving. Tak membazir beli barang yang bukan-bukan. Harap 2018 ni insaf lah huhu

That's it azam untuk tahun 2018. Biasalah azam student memang macam ni hehe. I love this kind of giveaway and I love to read other bloggers entry too. I want to share more, tapi takpalah hehe.

Thank youuuu.


  1. Semoga semua azam tahun ini tercapai. Amin. :)
    Jom join segmen ika.

    1. Amin, thankyou :D Ika buat segmen ? Yeayyy will do ;)

  2. Alaa share more lah! hehe..

    Btw, thanks a lot for joining my get your flawless skin please use the safe products, dont simply buy without KKM approval.:P

    Good luck for your study, study smart ya!

    1. Okay nanti buat lagi, Indah tambah xD
      Oky welcome. Yazz I know right. Susah sekarang nak pilih product yang betul betul selamat, thanks for the advice :D

  3. gud luck untuk azam tahun ini
    jemput baca sha punya azam juga hee

  4. singgah sini dari giveaway yang sama. semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan untuk mencapai azam tahun ni ye :D jemput singgah blog azah pula. hehe :)


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