Things in Burgundy.

18 July 2017

Assalamualaikum and Hi guys.

I just finished brushing my teeth, washing my face, do my skin care routine and ready for bed too. But I want to share something with you guys. Lately, while I'm scrolling Instagram I found many blouses, shawl, handbag in Burgandy or Maroon. Dann.....

     Indah pun ter fall in love with Burgundy colour like, seriously so pretty, so beautiful. Started to find things in Burgandy. I still love Purple but will add some Burgandy in my collection :') Do you know how Burgandy looks like? Photos are not mine. Here it is..............

Lawaaaaaa isn't? :D Tetambah that sports shoes omooooo I should have one. So whats your favourite colour ? Currently, mine is Burgandy and Purple the most.


  1. omg i like this color too! nampak matured and lady sgt! hehe X

    1. Tahu takpaaaa, kalau pakai mesti nampak gojes ekekeke xD

  2. urghhhh lawanyaaa !

  3. Sekarang ni semua colour boleh asalkan ada grey. Nais


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