Current Favourite Song Playlist.

28 May 2017

Hi and Assalamualaikum. I want to share current playlist songs I listening over and over.

1. Attention - Charlie Puth.

Guys, I'm so in love with this song crazily and also his cute face em :p

2. Dangerously - Charlie Puth.

Charlie's song again. Do you want me to sing this song for you? Drop your email hahaha :')

3. No More Sad Songs.

I love all Little Mix's song. Upbeat songs. You will dance automatically while listening to it.

4. I Love The Way You Lie (part2) - Rihana ft Eminem.

An old song. But I currently listening to it repeatedly :))))

5. Despacito - Justin Bieber ft Daddy Yankee/ Luis Fonsi.

At first when Bella said she heard and been singing Despacito's song I was like " Hahhh ? lagu apettew? " and now..... I only know that Despacito part huhu :p

6. Playing With Fire - Blackpink.

Korean song. Heard this while work out :D

So, what song is always stuck in your head right now? :D


  1. K.A.R.D - Don't recall. i really love the beat

    1. Love too but currently i keep listening to Oh My Girl songs, its really feel so fresh and bright. 😇🌈

  2. I don't why reading other's playlist made me excited but I am. I think I have heard Dangerously and now I'm gonna hear it again because I think do like it. By the way, why that Despacito song stucked in my head??

    // afifahaddnan


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